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A new, Interactive, radio program called “ON the UPside with Teri " is going to provide its listeners a venue to discuss a variety of topics concerning male/female interpersonal relationships. The show will begin airing on September 16th and will be a regular feature on KAOI 1110AM each Friday From 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

The on air live program will be hosted by Teri Lawrence. With her will be her side kick her “Robin” her” Ed McMahon” so to speak, Kevin Lawrence, he will be there to banter with her to keep her focused . (No they are not related in any way - just a coincidence) They will welcome input from their call-in and web audience as well as their featured guests.

The concept of the show came to Ms. Lawrence, a long-time resident of Maui, last year after her divorce from a three-year marriage to "Mr. Wrong" - who she calls "Mr. S.".

"I was watching an episode of HBO's 'Sex in the CIty' and it was based on a book called 'He's Just Not That Into You' by Greg Behrendt" says Ms. Lawrence.

"I recognized the traits of my marriage in that show and immediately bought the book. I read it all in one night, realizing that it was explaining exactly what I was going through and I believe many other relationships are going through. It helped me to realize that that if my husband is cheating, lying and not respecting my feelings nor opinions, that it is because he just isn't that into me. He's just not that really in love - or he would behave differently toward me. It was up to me to let go of my expectations of being married to him, therefore allowing me and him to be open to 'the right one'."

He once said to me, He wanted someone with NO expectations, and I was married to him! He was a pip. My husband wanted to be married single. We all have expectations of everyone, whether it be your employer, employee, friends, roommates, etc…however, it makes a difference it they are just not that into you for any reason.

After discussing her situation with many people, including Mr. S’s friends, which he’s never believed, Ms. Lawrence decided that a radio call-in show would be the perfect venue for people to share relationship advice with one another in this community. "I definitely don't have all the answers and am hoping to find 'Mr RIght' myself, one day" says Lawrence. " I am very open to advice from the audience."

Ms. Lawrence approached radio veteran, Kevin Lawrence, to banter with her. You may recognize Mr. Lawrence's voice from his 17 years of experience in Hawaii radio including hosting the Friday night Willy K shows at Hapas.

"We are going to have a lot of fun on this show," says K. Lawrence. " We plan to have many male and female guests and will invite all topics regarding male/female relationships including sex - as long as it is tasteful. We are airing during the day," jokes Lawrence.

Since her divorce, Ms. Lawrence has been focusing on her own success and ”happiness "I have lost a lot of weight, I bought a house, with out a dime from my x-husband, in fact I paid my x a check this past March for any gifts he ever bought me in all the years we’d been together. I'm starting a radio show and a B&B business. I am becoming happy with my life again.”

“I want to help other women to realize that they are responsible for their own happiness. I was devastated through my divorce. He said he would love me infinitely. He also said that if I did this show or even thought about this show, we would never speak to each other again, EVER?????…….

“Wrong thing to say……An Ultimatum????? With my hands in a scale position”, BaBye.

“Women are emotional lovers and we tend to get clingy, and so do some men actually and want to experience love so badly that we often think we can change a man or make them love us. In reality, men usually want to be the pursuer and if they are truly interested, they will pursue. It can also work the other way, where a woman will lead a man on when she knows she is not in love. The bottom line is that we all need to be truthful with our feelings from the beginning. It sounds simple, but it can be difficult to let go and change and really believe in true love. Sometimes we need encouragement from others."

“We need to communicate to each other. We cannot read minds.

If your man cheats or if your women cheats I believe once a cheat always a cheat. Get rid of them then.

“My ex lived in his car after he cheated, and I was called the B-word.”, Lawrence adds., "My ex-husband wanted me to be a Stepford wife and I wasn't happy. If we were meant to be together - he would have supported want I wanted - easily. Now he actually said right to my face he sleeps with several women and never uses a condom. I am shocked. Women need to be smart by protecting themselves. This man seems kind, reserved, quiet spoken, seems easy going, and will spend on you. Until he has you. He’s all a façade. He looks in the mirror. He is like I’m sure many other men and some women out there.

We need to start looking and feel those red flags that are right in our faces that we seem to want to ignore, not settling for anything less than the real thing. It is now my mission to do this for myself and to help others do the same."

Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it! I sure did!!!!!

Be kind to your lover, he or she might be your next Karma. ask my x-husband!

For more information about Ms. Lawrence's radio show, or to be a guest.. check back here at and tune into the show on Fridays at 1:00pm on1110am KAOI.

Contact: Teri Lawrence at 870-3401 or e-mail her at

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