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Check here for answers to questions frequently asked about the"On The UPside With Teri" radio program.

Who Is Teri Lawrence?
ME! (Wanna see? Pics of moi.)
What is "On The UPside With Teri" about?
I TRY to make things better. I base my show that way. I talk about what I perceive for me to be important… whatever comes out of my mouth. Local Issues, National Issues - Bring it on! Bring on the Controversy, I'm ready for it. My saying is. There's Always an UPside to all this madness out there, isn't there? I hope so…
What is it?
It's a listener participation radio show.
When is it on?
"On The UPside With Teri" is on every Friday between noon and 1:00pm on KNUI 900 AM.
How can I participate?
You can join the program in a variety of ways. During a live broadcast, you call in to the show or send an e-mail. CALL ME!
Maui: 808-871-5900

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on Friday's
12:00 PM HST

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